Inspired Tales ®

Inspired Tales is dedicated to the creation of stories for children and the adults who love them. Our stories are meant to inspire positive ideas and creative solutions to some of life's many challenges.

Children's Books & Audio CDs

by Ethel K Coffey

These stories are filled with lovable characters and are set in our Sonoran Desert. The enchanting illustrations bring the characters and settings to life. Both stories offer positive approaches to some of life’s challenges. (Interest level goes from ages 5-85 years. Independent reading levels range from grade 3 to grade 5.)

About Our Audio CDs

Our audio CDs offer 2 tracks:

**One with page turn signals for following along

*One without page turn signals

Both tracks include:

*Authentic desert sounds

*An original acoustic guitar score

*Professional narration

*Character voices

Cloud Watchers
"Cloud Watchers" is a delightful story, set in the Sonoran Desert outside of Tucson, Arizona. The main character is Baylee, an unhappy dog who worries constantly. Baylee hears of La Vieja, a wise old Coyote who may be able to help. Baylee, hoping to have her problems solved, sets off to find La Vieja, who lives on a nearby mountain peak.
How Meg Changed Her Mind
Meg, once a happy dog, finds herself feeling sad and lonely. She believes her life is ruined. Meg is convinced that her troubles are all Baylee’s fault! Her friend Sabera the quail, helps her to look at things in a new way.

Visit Meg, Baylee, and some of their desert neighbors, to find out how Meg changed her mind.