Cloud Watchers

Baylee is not enjoying life. She is unable to stop worrying. She can’t keep a happy thought in her head! Her best friend, Meg, arranges for her to visit La Vieja, a wise old coyote who lives on the peak. La Vieja has helped many desert creatures find their way in life. Baylee, desperate to regain her happiness, seeks out La Vieja and receives some inspired advice. La Vieja’s simple advice is beneficial to children and their significant adults!

How Meg Changed Her Mind

Meg, feeling sad and lonely, believes her life has been ruined! She is certain it is all because of her new family member, Baylee. Her friend, Sabera the quail, helps her to look at things in a new way. Meg learns to accept change and transform negative thinking to positive thoughts. While considering what she has learned from her friend, Meg gets caught up in an unforeseen event, which changes the way she looks at Baylee. Children and adults who read this story are offered specific ways to transform their thinking patterns and accept change.

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John E. Irby

Retired English Teacher,Author of Red-tailed Rescue

Cloud Watchers , by Ethel K. Coffey and illustrated by Betty Schweitzer-Johnson, is a marvelous, calming tale for children and anyone who has ever been a child. It is also a gorgeous picture book, featuring beautifully colored desert landscapes in the traditional southwestern Arizona style.

The story features a sisterhood of likeable dogs seeking peace, and a wise grandmotherly coyote high on the mountain offering sage advice. The book comes paired with a wonderful CD, enriching the drama and enjoyment through gentle music and narration.

John E. Irby

Retired English Teacher,Author of Red-tailed Rescue

How Meg Changed Her Mind , by Ethel K Coffey is a pleasant story for young children and their extended family. The tale concerns the dynamics produced when the happy dog Meg becomes offended by the intrusion into her life by another dog, Baylee. When Baylee begins to receive attention and affection from two cats previously reserved for Meg, Meg turns her jealousy into anger toward Baylee.

The story teaches us that negative thinking creates negative situations and positive thinking enhances positive situations, a good lesson for all. Each page of the book is filled with stunning illustrations created by Betty Schweitzer-Johnson that greatly enhance the reading pleasure. An accompanying CD further enriches the experience through soft music and narration.